Purchase of a Delightful digi stamp is not the actual purchase of the artwork, but rather it is the purchase of a standard-use license, which allows the license holder to use the digi image for print purposes only, in the creation of individually handcrafted custom greeting cards, paper craft projects and other crafts.

Finished creations made with Delightful digi stamps may be sold only by the license holder, on a small scale, per-item basis. You may NOT mass produce for commercial use.

Delightful digi stamps are all Bitmap PNG images and may be flipped, rotated, cropped and scaled by the license holder. You may not delete any existing line work except borders, however it is permitted to ADD line work, and items and/or accessories to the image.

Delightful digi stamps (or printouts of Delightful digi stamp images) may NOT be swapped, shared, copied, sold, traded or otherwise redistributed, nor may they be used in the creation of actual stamps.

You may not post uncoloured Delightful digi stamp images on your blog or website, unless each it is covered by a watermark that effectively prevents the illegal copying and/or redistribution of the image.

Delightful Digi's does not request to be credited for the images but credits / mentions would be much appreciated.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact me using the contact form on the left or by
Email to delightfuldigis@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to read.